Maria SS. Dell' Assunta Society

Westbury, NY

Contributions to Charitable Causes

 While known throughout Long Island and New York State for its Annual Feast every  August, accompanied by breathtaking fireworks, the Dell'Assunta Society has given  generously to numerous charitable causes.  Thousands of dollars have been  donated to community groups including The Westbury Village Beautification Fund,  The Westbury Senior Citizens Organization, The Westbury Neighborhood House, St.  Brigid's Roman Catholic Church Building Fund, Diocesan High School Building Fund,  Renovation of St. Brigid's Church, School and School Parking Field, Parish Outreach,  St Brigid's Millennium Fund and St. Brigid's Tree of Life.
 The Society supports many worthy causes outside of the Westbury  community including St. Jude's Hospital, The Salvation Army, the American Red  Cross, the Inter-Faith Nutritional Network, Island Harvest, the Wounded Warrior  Project, Ronald McDonald House, Parkinsons Unity Walk, parents of Murdered  Children, the Italian-American Historical Society and the Missionary Fund Raisers to  name a few.
 Across the ocean, the Society assisted in the Italian Post-War relief and with disaster  aid for the catastrophic earthquake in Avellino and floods in Florence and Venice.
 More recently, the Society established a scholarship for children with reading  difficulties to attend the Hofstra Reading Program and donated books to the St.  Brigid's School Library.
 One of our Members, Anthony D'Urso, is very active in the Bridges to Community  organization which helps build houses and schools in Nicaragua.  Tony has made  numerous trips to Nicaragua where he volunteers his time to build homes for  deserving families that need shelter from floods and volcanos. The Dell'Assunta  Society has proudly supported Tony and has made several contributions to this  amazing, and life-changing organization. 
 The Dell'Assunta Society is very proud of all of the charitable causes we have been  able to support over our last century and we are looking forward to being able to  support our community and the Church in our next century as well.